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I love Newgrounds.

2008-04-20 14:19:27 by Acrolith

I've come to figure, that I just can't leave Newgrounds. Not sure if I ever intended to leave, but I've not been very active lately.

I like it too much. Even if there's quiet a few zero-voters and whatnot.

Also, I got Cubase now, so I should be able to post some new tracks soon :)


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2008-04-20 14:39:47

Audioportal is pretty underpopulated and primitive, but it houses some great stuff


2008-04-20 14:57:29

newgrounds is pretty cool but not something to lose your job over or become and 200 pound 11 yearold

Acrolith responds:

Uhm, yea. I agree.


2008-04-20 14:57:50

but ill give you a 10 beacause new grounds rocks