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2009-03-11 17:55:37 by Acrolith

somebody tried to log into my account several times
has this ever happened to you?


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2009-03-15 09:46:56

Wierd. Nope, never happened to me.

Does anyone know who you are outside of NG (school friends, brothers/sisters, etc.)? That would be my only possible explanation.

Out of curiosity, how did you find out that someone was trying to log into your account?

(Updated ) Acrolith responds:

There are some that know I have an account here, but I really couldn't think of any of them trying to log on my account :\

I got an email from newgrounds saying that somebody had tried to log on to my account with a wrong password multiple times and that he had been blocked from trying anymore... so that's a good thing, heh :d