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vegeto vs naruto vegeto vs naruto

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Oh wow, that cracked me up. The last part was so funny... probably because I hate Naruto, good thing he got owned... and his friends.

I'm not giving you 10, because the voices was a bit to loud and annoying sometimes, but man, it was great other than that.

beast-unleashed responds:

thanx and if by voices you mean diolog sorry ill try to make them talk less next time

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Spewer Spewer

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice use of physics

I know designing levels can be extra difficult when implementing physics like you did, because things always behave differently. Still, you did an amazing job on the levels, you never felt like you were repeating an older level, and the whole feeling of the game was great. 5/5

Here's a level I made for those interested in more levels, have fun :)

eNqdVUGSGyEM/EpyJxRCCEHNaQ+bByQ58/9np CU8M+C1q1IZq2xAaqnVMJgCbZ8sTwuLqz4bhX RC8PXVHqjKoapbsml6oNNd8hWoPua1zFI5L7X SFXwRNkwOVdxoYmiBfOnwaz/pFZeb4gtJnsOd Wlri05NgLzCXDu0VrZkk3SV1swWhG6i53alzu e1197eF8rZUe4u6avHD3nW0mb41ulpfP2sbT0 bH58efbz8/fv/5/PX9oHako0DfKkcWBPQo6Ct FGVnQBWMuQX2BtQTpsQbxqUgOWkObk0yBOUWS wKFIzOl+WOFW4DgleLPEtnhThxsICNB7VMfXS Cu+Ib8mI8LUY3mUKFsJhDAqUI1s7ra5Sx5SU2 xAphmQOa4ckoBERe6AYlERwFG3AGQQAknu1gN x5L48tQ1B5gY3xewEddOgQAKoEhgCsvklx776 2yi9OlTUaISSNoY8StOYxCt4AtpEKlI9A5hrN Z5odWuBKgK0GVZlcsi0cQDJUn2/Z5NcNzeOxy ignd3vYuJsbjpTEoSw+6xRa4P2jcqokZ1lidV SUIt5lbKDpTq8m7vv3sYQ2s4o1zbxoJA3Ctgp nBI7iM272HUihR+nXL0JP24ZoqwRbGeJXQdTy nLkvQY4ku02tW5yzPeliBhlai32cwmFcB9j4+
hcYdsi4M45aXzCMN7R/m6m/zyT/5odGf1AlTK Y7OIVe9mHLeKGCOSr7i44ipTOJbK4H3kYwG4T H0DIiZaZCavtHCHIktpezBFuLZxfo3IGWoUyM /rIIrnMSEPMVYt/jOo14muUzpGeg1LPIta5dz aOgf0ZeHgM/C3aCJur9kttnM9f6ASb6g==

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Champion Red Battle Remix Champion Red Battle Remix

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I know this could sound good, so I'm giving you a 7 for the effort, but for the time being the mastering is awful: the track in general is way too loud, distorted and overall a little intimidating to listen to because of it. It's hard to enjoy the track for its other qualities because of it.

You should work on that and resubmit it =)

ShadowLugia responds:

Thanks for you're input, I really do appreciate it. Mastering is my weakness sense I'm still learning, I'm still pretty new. =P
But hopefully I will learn better 'mastering' techniques and re-post it. Thanks again! ^__^

Evening Walk Evening Walk

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ohhh etc. etc.

Sounds pretty cool, but I couldn't help but think of the song Believe Me by Fort Minor. Did it inspire you? If you haven't heard it you should check it out, the melodies are very similar :)

Trials in the Gulf Trials in the Gulf

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Review goes where?

Drum N Bass? No. Awesome? Hell yeah!

FocusedFINN responds:

hahah thank you! i didn't know where to put it! where should it go???